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Web Design

Creating a Web Design for you. Taking your ideas and wants and crafting them into a visually appealing and fully functional design. With my pride at stake, I strive to make every design meet the desired needs for the client. Starting with a layout design to figure out how the site will look. Then going over the functionality of each aspect of the site to ensure both the client and myself are on the same page. Knowing that great designs take time is key, and helps the process of designing your very own web site.

Print Visual

Print Design

Designing those Booklets, Catalogs, Menus, Direct Mailers, and more to meet your companies needs. Getting that professional looking annual report that you can show off to the competition, or to have that perfect direct mailer to lure in that much needed clientele. Communicating to find out what type of design is wanted, and what key aspects are wanted to be implemented into the design. Covering all the details to find out exactly what you want with the finished design.

Logo Visual

Logo Design

Finding that perfect logo that you want to portray to the world can be tough. Finding a helping hand can change all of that. Even if you already have an idea in mind, making it come to life can always change what you originally wanted. Brainstorming the multiple different ideas and collaborating them into that one major logo you have always wished for. Getting those colors just right, and even turning hand art into a digital design to get you out there and noticed.

Product Placement Visual

Product Placement

Getting your company out there and in peoples faces. Fitting your logo or company name onto pens, hats, banners, bags, tents, all of it is fair game. Making the next step of promoting your company easier and faster. Getting stickers of your logo to hand out at events or to mail to clients to help promote you. Having that perfect t-shirt design for that weekend event. Helping you get your company name out there and in the world easier.

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